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What's the Buzz About Esqido? (Plus a Little False Lash Tutorial!)

What's the Buzz About Esqido? (Plus a Little False Lash Tutorial!)

Obviously, we love our lashes and think they're pretty much the best thing to hit the beauty world since someone invested red lipstick.

But there'd be something wrong if we didn't feel that way! The real test, of course, is what other people think of our lashes. 

What do the beauty experts think when they open a box of Esqido lashes and put them on?

The Style

"They’ve got sass and they’ve got length, but not TOO much ... They’re just enough to give me a little extra glam, while still being a more natural style. I LOVE these lashes."
- Jackie from Little J Style, reviewing the BFF and Little Black Lash

The Comfort

"The feel of the lashes. It may seem like such a minor thing, but these lashes are truly amazing. So soft, so lightweight, and the band makes it feel like you have nothing on."
- Andrea for AMB Magazine, reviewing the BFF

The Investment

“I am a firm believe in the “you get what you pay for” school of thought, and in my opinion, quality always has the last word. Broken down to a per-use basis, the initial cost of each pair of these lashes becomes a much more affordable option than mass-market brands, which don’t even come close to the look, feel and wearability of Esqido.”
- Eugenia from, reviewing the Unforgettable, BFF, and Lashmopolitan

The Glamour

"I've worn a lot of lashes in my life.  Strip lashes, individual clumps, I've even had lash extensions put in.  But nothing compares to this Esqido lash experience...nothing."
- Jennifer from Jenny Sue Makeup, reviewing the Lashmopolitan
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