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Companion Eyelash Glue

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The Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue is the #1 best selling lash glue! Specially formulated to be latex-free, it's a gentle mixture that offers a strong all-day hold, without harming your own natural lashes. With a fine tip wand, you'll be able to apply the right amount of glue to your false lashes, every time. Dries clear.

The original formula is back!

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Order by 12pm EST to ship same business day
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Free shipping US, CAN, UK on orders $35+ USD
Application How to apply like a pro

For the best application, take a q-tip and makeup remover and run it along your lash line to remove any oils from your eyelids.

Then, take your false lashes of choice, and use the Companion lash glue and apply it along the entire lash band until there's a white coat covering the entire band. Wait a few seconds for glue to become sticky (for the Winter Formula, you may need to wait up to 30 seconds).

Finally, apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds for it to dry. Once dried, the glue will no longer be white and it'll become clear.

Ingredients Our gentle latex-free formula

Original Formula:

Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate copolymer, water. (Formaldehyde Free and Latex Free).

Winter Formula:

Water, Polymethylmethacrylate, Sodium Chloride, PEG-8 Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol.

We created Esqido to be a new class of beauty.

Fair Prices

By selling directly to you from our factories, you get a high-end product at a great price.

Made with Integrity

We didn’t want to make anything we wouldn’t put on our own skin.

Happiness Guaranteed

We give you a full 60 days to make sure you absolutely love your Esqido product, guaranteed.

Precision Applicator.

Our applicator brush is designed especially to make applying eyelash glue easy, even for people who don't do this very often. You'll never accidentally put too much on again!

Gentle Formula.

With its sensitive and easy-to-use formula, it’s guaranteed that the eyelashes will stay put all day long!  It's free of formaldehyde, paraben and other harmful chemicals, making it safe for even sensitive eyes.

Double texture design

Cleans and gently exfoliates.

The highly absorbent fibre was developed to gently exfoliate the skin while removing your makeup, opening the pores and cleaning the skin at the same time.

Quick, easy, and reliable. 

The ultimate lash glue that gets tacky in seconds and dries invisible, providing a strong, all-day hold. Designed for all false-lashes, this water-resistant glue works great on lashes of all types.

Women Just Like You & A-list Celebs Love Esqido.

Over 250,000+ happy customers!


Why people are raving about us

See why the Esqido Magic Gel Pencil is one of a kind.

Trusted by the Pros

See why makeup artists around the world are raving about us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simply wet the Companion Round with water or your preferred makeup remover solution and wipe!

How long will my Companion Round last?

The Companion Round can be used up to 100 times! 

How often do I need to clean my Companion Round?

We recommend cleaning it (machine wash) after 2-3 uses. However, please note this can vary and depends on how frequently it's being used and how much makeup it's removing each time. 

How do I sharpen the pencil?

There is a built in sharpener at the base of the pencil, just below the twist mechanism. Give it a firm tug and a small sharpener should come out. Take care when sharpening the product and too much force can break the liner. We recommend dispensing just enough product to sharpen, rotating only one side of the component. Clean the sharpener before replacing the cap, to avoid product jamming in the sharpener.

Will it work for oily eyelids?

We’ve formulated the liner to be smudge and water resistant on most skin types. However, it will smudge easily before it sets. The liner needs to set for a few minutes after applying for it to be water resistant. The liner does best on clean, dry skin. We recommend that you don’t apply anything emollient on the eyes under the liner. If you have oily lids, we recommend cleaning the surface with micellar water or an oil-free makeup remover and letting dry before applying the liner.

How to I clean my Companion Round?

We recommend machine wash along with your towel load. Be sure to store the rounds in the included wash bag during wash.

Is the Companion Round okay for dry and sensitive skin?

The Companion Round is made with ultra-soft velvet and fine bamboo micro-fibres so it works great on sensitive skin! Plus, it can be activated with just water!

How is it different from a regular disposable cotton round?

The Companion Round micro-fibres help grip onto makeup much better than your typical disposable round and ensure it doesn't transfer back onto your skin. Plus, it's reusable - a great way to take care of your face and the environment!

How do I apply the eyeliner?

To apply the eyeliner, first clean your eyelids with eye makeup remover or your facial cleansers, to ensure you're applying on a clean surface. Then, take the Esqido Gel Eyeliner and draw a thin line across your lash line, to achieve your desired look.

How long does the Esqido Gel Eyeliner last?

The Esqido Gel Eyeliner lasts up to 1 year after opening.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 989 reviews
The Best

This is the best eyelash glue I have tried, and I have tried a lot. I highly recommend it.

It’s the HOLD for me

I LOVE everything about this glue! My lashes stayed put beyond a 6-hour party. About thirty or so seconds to get tacky, and voilà! The lash adheres like a magnet. Be sure that the lash is properly fitted and placed because it won’t budge, once you put it on. A little tugging is necessary for removal, but it’s totally worth it as this is a quality lash.

Eddwina Garcia

I love it

Roxanne Austin
The Best!

I love this lash glue! I have very sensitive eyes and really struggled to find a great glue that didn’t cause irritation. A makeup artist recommended Esqido and it is awesome!!

Claire Hodges

Love, love , love! No matter what colour I use, they are just the best!

Kerry-Ann Laurikainen
Waterproof glue

Lasts through days, tears and showers. Comes off without pulling out your natural lashes. Best I’ve come across.

Companion Eyelash Glue