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Strip False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Strip False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

What's the difference between eyelash extensions and strip false eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions have been all the rage in recent years, to get longer, more voluminous fake lashes. But as it grew in popularity, there's been more studies about the harmful effects of permanent lash extensions.

Luckily, there's now much better options to get long and thick volume, with a natural curl, without having to apply lash extensions. These include cluster lashes, or the more popular false strip lashes such as synthetic lashes, mink lashes, and silk lashes.

Apply eyelash extension

What are eyelash extensions?

Typically, most options are mink lash extensions, which are the most natural looking but also the expensive in terms of cost. A trained technician will need to apply the lashes onto your natural lashes individually with a strong and semi permanent adhesive and precise tools. The process usually takes an hour or two, and can cost anywhere from $80-200 depending on the skill of the technician applying and the quality of their materials.


What are strip false eyelashes?

Strip lashes come in a variety of types, and are typically the best option for lash beginners or veterans alike! There are a few popular types: Mink lashes (highest quality), silk lashes(OK look but slightly more affordable), human hair/synthetic lashes(cheaper but not as natural looking).

With ESQIDO, we've pioneered two types of lashes that completely redefined the naturalness, and comfort you can expect from false eyelashes.

Mink lash extensions

Our Mink Lash Collection is a high quality mink strip lash that looks and feels (even better) than cluster or permanent extensions. The individual hairs are wispy and comes in a good range of volume, and they look virtually indistinguishable from your own natural lashes. They're also hypoallergenic and crafted with a soft cotton band for a very lightweight and comfortable wear. The best part - they're incredibly easy to apply, and can be worn multiple times, even up to a month of daily wear!

Unisyn synthetic false eyelashes

Our Unisyn™ Lash Collection is a brand new type of synthetic lash, which is made from an ultra-fine blend of synthetic fibres, for a very natural look and feel. Like our Mink Lashes, we also make them with a soft cotton band for wearability and ease of application. They cost less than mink, and they're an amazing choice for beginners. They're very easy to reuse with virtually no aftercare needed after each wear.

Before & after with extensions and strip lashes

Here's a photo comparing the before and after of eyelash extensions and our Mink false lashes

Eyelash extension before and afterBefore & after with eyelash extensions

Before & after with ESQIDO Mink Lashes in style "Unforgettable"

As you can see, with our Mink strip lashes, it's now possible to have:

  • An even more natural look than extensions
  • Lashes that last just as long as lash extensions without the shedding/refills
  • A safer option compared to harsh chemicals used to glue semi permanent extensions - See our gentle and latex-free eyelash glue made for strip lashes
  • The versatility of wearing different styles when you want
  • None of the inconvenience of a 2 hour booking
  • Much lower cost (Unisyn™ starts from $22, Mink from $28)

Can I wear false lashes over eyelash extensions?

If you already have eyelash extensions applied, you can still give false eyelashes a try, especially if you use a gentle lash glue that you can remove without damaging your extensions.

We recommend finding a style that's a little more voluminous than the lash extensions you already have, and apply them as close to your lash line as possible so they blend in seamlessly with your individual extensions.

Ready for fuller, more voluminous lashes?

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