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Eyeliners: Why you need one / do you really know the difference?

By Nicole Soo
Professional Makeup Artist

The Esqido Gel Eyeliners in Black and Brown

Eyeliners are one of the most versatile beauty products on the market. They come in all kinds of formulations, colours and sizes. Gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, brown eyeliner, liquid liner, kohl liners… thousands upon thousands of options — it’s easy to get confused! You’ve probably already once found yourself at Sephora wondering, “Why are there so many different products to choose from?”

When asked the question “If you had to bring only ONE beauty product on an island?”, we often reply with “Eyeliner”. Why is it that a single line over the lid makes the biggest difference in our makeup? Let us help you discover why the eyeliner is arguably the most coveted beauty product.

Eyeliner was invented in ancient egypt

Liner History 101

The creation of the first eyeliner dates back to 1070BC when Egyptians used kohl liners to protect their eyes. Early on, kohl was mixed with oils and fats to create a paste. You could say the Egyptians discovered the first gel eyeliners. According to research, these eyeliners contained a lot of lead which "actually boosted the immune system and killed bacteria from airborne particles that could lead to serious eye infections and permanent damage”. Pretty interesting stuff!

Let's talk liners!

The classic eyeliner pencil

You can probably find multiples of pencil liners in every girls makeup bag. This is because the eyeliner pencil is probably the easiest and most versatile type of all. Within this category, you can find: kohl pencils, powder pencils, kajal liners and even a hybrid called gel pencil eyeliners.

Kohl pencils: Kohl pencils are probably the softest formula in a stick form. They are known for their intense colour payoff, and their waxy properties allow a very emollient application. A kohl pencil is great for creating a smoky liner to create that smouldering lived-in look. However, if you are someone with very oily eyelids, this product may not be for you. The softer the kohl, the more likely you’ll end the day with raccoon eyes (ouch!).

Eyeliner was invented in ancient egypt

Kajal liners: Widely used in the Middle East, this liner takes on a unique shape. Often presented in tube (similar to a lipstick), kajal liners are excellent for rimming the waterline. Though a pretty tricky technique to master, it can be as easy as one swipe to cover both top and bottom waterlines. High quality kajal liners are often made with natural ingredients and have a purpose of protecting the eyes against infections as well as the sun. However, this type of liner may not be for everyone. If you prefer a sharp or fine line, you may want to consider the other types of liners.

Powder pencils: If you prefer a softer application, powder pencils are for you. Notably stiffer than other liners, powder pencils are excellent for creating a softer finish that is easy to control, much like lining your eyes with an eyeshadow. Great for those who prefer a much subtler approach to makeup.

Gel Pencil Eyeliners: A newer innovation to the liner market is the gel eyeliner pencil. It contains the properties of a gel pot eyeliner with the convenience of a sharpenable pencil. Call it a magic if you will. With a gel pencil, you’ll get an intense colour payoff and smooth formula in one glide. Gel pencils are probably the most versatile products out there. Create a winged liner with ease, or a smokey liner for a more sultry approach. Best of all, it is ultra long wearing and very simple to use.

The ESQIDO Gel eyeliner pencil in black, waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner

The waterproof and smudge-proof Gel eyeliner pencil from Esqido.

What to consider when shopping for an eyeliner:

Ease of application: How smooth is the formula? You want to find the perfect balance between too smooth and too rigid. Sometimes when you have an eyeliner that is too smooth, it's likely that the product is quite soft which causes breakage or over application. Too rigid or too dry a product might give you an undesired finish -- a liner that is not pigmented enough or uneven application.

Create both thin or thick lines with the Esqido Gel Eyeliner

Create both thin or thick lines with the Esqido Gel Eyeliner.


Can you liner be smoked out, defined, or even winged out? You want to have one product that does it all. Why carry 3 products when you can have it all in one? Other than gel liners, we challenge you to find another liner that does all 3.

Built in sharpener

Find a gel liner with a built in sharpener! Who says you can't create a winged liner with a pencil?


Ever find that your eyeliner skips or applies unevenly on your eyes? You might want to consider a different formula. Liquid liner is great when you have a very steady hand or a larger lid space, but even the pros struggle with liner sometimes. It's hard to fix and often not water resistant. A gel based formula is perfect for application and easy to fix. Best of all, when set, its smudge-proof and water resistant.

Eye Shape

Who hates getting liner all over the lid because you accidentally blinked before your liner was dry? WE DO. Those with monolids will understand. It's an extra few minutes we didn't have to fix it, plus we just ruined our beautiful smokey eye! That's why we opted with a gel pencil. It's perfectly pigmented like a gel liner and conveniently housed in a pencil form. This formula takes no time to set and won't transfer all over our lids!

Discover the Esqido Gel Eyeliner

Water-proof, smudge-proof, non-toxic.

Discover the Esqido Gel Eyeliner

Water-proof, smudge-proof, non-toxic.

"I’ve tried all kinds of eyeliner. They never stayed in. This eyeliner is the best I’ve ever tried. Mine stays on all day until I take it off. I bought the brown and live it! "

Yerri S

"My eyes water constantly, especially during allergy season and I’ve tried every eyeliner there is. I read the reviews and thought I’d give one more eyeliner a shot... I’m a customer for life. I will never buy another eyeliner as long as this one is around. I bought brown and black, no smears, no smidges ,and I don’t look like Alice cooper at the end of a 16 hour day! I’m so impressed! Thank you for actually doing what you claim ESQIDO! "

Ami K

"I’ve bought three of these liners and will never buy another brand again! I have hooded lids and totally struggled to find a liner that I could use on my upper lash line that wouldn’t smudge and transfer into my crease. Liquid liner is great but sometimes it’s a bit much! This liner glides smooth and after its ‘set’ there is NO transfer to my crease! "

Natasha G