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Patch Testing for Sensitive Skin

Patch Testing

We make every effort to ensure that our product formulas are free of as many common allergens as possible. We have many, many customers with extremely sensitive skin, skin issues like eczema, and eyes that can only use ESQIDO products, since it is so gentle and free of common irritants. Many of them actually notice that their skin issues improve when they switch to ESQIDO exclusively. Even so, there is someone out there allergic to everything.

What Is Patch Testing?

Patch testing is a way of determining if a product that comes in contact with the skin will cause inflammation of the skin, known as contact dermatitis. Again, if you have a history of being sensitive to products applied to the skin or eyes, it is essential that you perform a patch test before beginning general use.

Why Should I Patch Test?

If you have reacted to products applied to the skin or eyes in the past, have persistent or unusual eczema, or have been diagnosed by your dermatologist as having allergic contact dermatitis, a patch test is necessary to determine if ESQIDO products are compatible with your skin.

How Is Patch Testing Done?

Here are 3 easy steps for patch testing:

 Step 1: Apply a small amount of product on the inside of your wrist. Please be sure that your wrist is clean before application.

 Step 2: Allow the product to set and leave it on the skin for an hour (more if possible).

 Step 3: Keep an eye out for any skin reactions. The most common ones include itchiness, irritation, burning, rashes and redness. If you do experience any discomfort, it is possible that you may be allergic to one or multiple ingredients in the product. Now you may remove the product off your skin with oil-free makeup remover. We would advise not continuing to use the product and to speak with our customer service team on further instructions.

If I Do React, What Is It?

In general, the reaction is called ‘allergic contact dermatitis’. This is an allergic reaction to a substance (or group related substances) referred to as an allergen. An allergy is a hypersensitivity or oversensitivity to a particular substance involving the immune system. When allergic contact dermatitis exists, a rash will develop. If a rash develops, stop using the product immediately, clean the area removing the product from the skin, and the rash will disappear.

If you notice a reaction, please feel free to return the product for a refund. Should you have any questions, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Let Us Know!

If you have a reaction, please let us know by e-mailing us at support at esqido dot com. We do everything possible to remove all common irritants from our formulas and are always looking for ways to make our products more compatible for people very sensitive skin.