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How to size and trim your false lashes

Have you ever felt like maybe your false lashes didn't look as natural as they could've been? Perhaps you found that something about it was just a bit off, but wasn't sure what it is? Or maybe you're afraid to trim the lashes and ended up applying how it came out of the box and it ended up looking very long and made your eyes look droopy?

Sizing false lashes is a crucial step in getting the most natural look, and to ensure they fit your eyes perfectly, so they look like your own. In this article we'll share some do's and don'ts so you can size them just right to your eyes.

Measure first

To start, have a mirror in front of you and put the false lashes up to your eyes, lining up the inner corner of the lashes, leave a few millimetres of space from the inner corner of your eyes so that it looks more natural, and it'll blend better with your pencil eyeliners once the lashes are applied.

From there, measure the lashes to where the outer corner of your eyes ends. Hold the lashes at that point, so you can mark where the excess lashes are, in preparation to trim the lashes. 

Trimming the excess lashes

Once you've measured the lashes to your eyes, and you've identified the excess part, you're ready to trim!

We recommend using fine-point precision scissors that can make accurate and sharp cuts. That way you'll get a clean cut without damaging other parts of the lash, or accidentally take off a cluster of hairs off the lashes.

To start, hold the lashes by the band with the strands facing away from you, and then position the scissors from the lash band side, where the excess length is. Never cut from the strand side, as you may accidentally trim the strands as well resulting in a very defined and unnatural look.

With the scissors in position, try to trim just the lash band cleanly, without cutting the individual strands of lash hair. Now your lashes should be the right length for your eyes.

Trimming the corners

A common mistake beginners make is they don't cut the very ends/corners of the lash band, this part is often stiffer, and can feel a bit "pokey" when the lashes are applied, trimming the corners slightly will result in more comfortable wear.

To do this properly, simply take your scissors, and from the band side, cut very slowly and do a rounding motion to round out the corners of the bands as you are cutting. This should only take off at most 1mm if you are careful.

Now you're ready to apply the lashes!

For tips on how to apply, read our guide to applying false lashes for beginners.

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