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False Lashes Benefits

False lashes can help you get the most out of your eye makeup routine. Compared to traditional mascara, there's a number of unique benefits that false eyelashes offers.


False lashes can be worn on a daily basis or for special occasions. There's a variety of styles to choose from, whether you're looking for a subtle or natural style, to a dramatic and glamorous style, you have the flexibility to choose the right style, for the right occasion.

More natural looking

False lashes are a more natural looking alternative to mascara, which may not last all day and can get clumpy and veiny looking. 

Enhance your look / Impactful

False eyelashes can help enhance your natural features and make your eyes stand out with little effort along with best gel eyeliner. They are also great for people who want to wear dramatic makeup but don't have the time or patience to put on a full face of makeup every morning.


Certain false eyelashes, such as the Esqido lashes are reusable, allowing you to get up to 25+ wears out of the lashes with proper care. Simply put them on in the morning and take them off at night, clean the glue off and put them back in their casing and they'll be good to go again for your next wear!

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