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Eyelash Glue for Falsies

Eyelash Glue for Falsies

Wearing false eyelashes can intimidate some women, mostly because of the hassle of using eyelash glue to apply the falsies to your lash line. However, if you use the right glue and the right process of application, there’s no need to let the glue stop you from flaunting those false lashes!

There are two main types of eyelash glue, white and black. The white glue will dry clear, and the black remains black. The advantage to white lash glue is that it’s easier to see it when you apply it to your lashes, so you can control the amount of glue more carefully. However, if you get too much glue on the lash, you might be able to see the glue on your eye and have to cover it up with makeup. The black glue, on the other hand, dries black so it will blend in with your makeup. However, it is a little trickier to apply because it will also blend in with the strip on the false eyelash so you have to be a little more careful about the amount you apply.

Regardless of which type of lash glue you prefer, the application process is almost exactly the same. The trick is not to over apply the glue and to let it get a little bit tacky before you attach the lash to your natural lash line. Over application prevents the glue from getting appropriately tacky so it makes a sloppy mess when you attempt to stick the lash on your eyelid. There are two ways to control the amount of glue that you use. The first is to use tools to apply the glue to the false lash, and the second is to put the glue directly onto your lid.

In order to place the glue onto your false eyelash, you’ll need a tool that will allow you to put a fine line of glue onto the strip of the lash. You can use the back of a pair of tweezers, an old makeup brush, or even a cotton swab. Squeeze some glue out onto the tool and carefully dab a very small amount of glue down the entire strip of the false eyelash.

Alternatively, you can place a small amount of glue on your hand or on a hard surface and dab the lash into the glue. Once the glue is on the lash, let the glue dry until it’s sticky. The white glue will turn slightly clear, whereas the black glue will remain black and you’ll have to feel the lash until you get a feel for how long it takes. Once the glue is tacky, it’s time to apply the lash to your own lash line.

The best way to apply the strip lash to your eye is to first put on any makeup you’ll be wearing except mascara. Then use a pair of tweezers to stick the false eyelash onto your eyelid, center first. The tacky glue should make this easy. Then simply push the outer and inner corners onto your lid as well. If you’ve used white glue, you may have to touch up your makeup to hide any shiny patches or gaps in the lashes. If you’ve used the black glue, there shouldn’t be a need for adding more makeup. Finally, gently squeeze the false eyelash into your natural lashes with your fingers and then add mascara and you’re good to go!

To remove the lashes and clean the lash glue off of your eyes or tools, just use some make-up remover on a cotton pad and soak the eye or tool for a few seconds before wiping off.

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