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Types of False Lashes

We know first hand that finding the right pair of false lashes can seem like a huge task to complete. So we've put together a guide to help you figure out how to differentiate the different types of false eyelashes and what they're good for, the best fake eyelashes for beginners to try, and how to find the perfect pair of false eyelashes for your eyes. Read on for the full deets!

Different types of false eyelashes

There are four main types of false eyelashes on the market today:

Cluster lashes 

Clusters are a set of several lashes that are grouped together and applied one at a time to your natural lash line.

Strip lashes 

Strip lashes are similar to cluster lashes but with the added benefit of being easier to apply. With higher quality strip lashes like the ones by Esqido, they're made with ultra-fine fibres that look just like your natural lashes, combined with a thin and soft cotton band that is flexible and mould to your eye shape.

Eyelash extensions 

Extensions are individual strands that you attach directly to your own lash line using an adhesive or eyelash glue, but this is often expensive and performed by a professional where you need to make an appointment at a salon.

Magnetic lashes 

These ones use magnets instead of adhesive for easy application and removal, however they generally look less natural and are much heavier, due to the magnets attached to the lash band.

What are cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes are a set of several lashes that are grouped together and applied one at a time to your natural lash line. The benefit of using clusters is that you can get a custom look to match your eyes, however this is quite time consuming as you'll need to glue each cluster individually, and ensure that you are choosing the right clusters, placing them correctly, and that it comes together well and looks natural. Often times, cluster lashes are applied by lash artists, and require you going to a salon to get it done, which can be both costly and inconvenient.pre made vs pro made volume

What are strip lashes?

Strip lashes are the most common type of false eyelashes, which are made from plastic man-made fibers, that is ready to apply attached to a single lash band. Depending on the brand and material, the lashes can range from thicker to very fine strands. They also tend to be more affordable in pricing due to the cheaper materials that are used to produce the lashes, however there are premium strip lashes that are higher quality available on the market today.

With Esqido's Unisyn™ lashes, we've used a new blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres that result in ultra-soft, lightweight, and high quality reusable lashes with a natural curl, that are suitable even for beginners. They're incredibly beautiful, and they're super easy to put on.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are starting to lose their popularity, with the recent improvements in high quality strip lashes available on the market today. Typically, eyelash extensions must be done by a professional at a salon, and it is where individual strands of man-made lash strands are glued to your natural lashes, and they usually last about 6-8 weeks, until needing to go in for refills.

However, eyelash extensions are do have a slight risk of developing traction alopecia, where your natural lashes can fall out as a result of the constant weight of the eyelash extensions applied to your natural lashes. Often times, the glue that is used is also quite strong and may contain ingredients that are not suitable for those with sensitive eyes, as they are meant to be semi-permanent. Eyelash extensions are also quite expensive and time consuming, often costing $100-200 for an application where the procedure will take 1-2 hours.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Eyelash Extensions | Be Beautiful India

Magnetic lashes

Magnets! How do they work?! Magnetic lashes usually come in 2 pieces, a top and bottom piece, where there are tiny pieces of magnets attached to both the top and bottom, and you essentially clip them over your natural lashes, and therefore can wear them without any glue.

While that sounds convenient, the trade-off is that they tend to be heavier compared to the alternatives, and since you are not using adhesives to glue them to your natural lash line, they will not look as natural, as the magnets can be visible close up and will be harder to get on right, you'll often need to apply mascara on top to ensure the lashes will clip correctly.

2022 How to Apply Magnetic Lashes (Tips + Tutorial) - Real Beauty School

Photo Credits: Realbeautyschool

Our expert picks

When first trying fake eyelashes, the easiest way to get started is with strip lashes, that you can apply in minutes at home with latex free eyelash glue, and are a low cost investment. If you're new to falsies, start with a style that is lighter in volume and length, which gives a more natural look! The light volume makes the lashes that much more comfortable to wear, and their naturalness makes them a seamless and versatile addition to any makeup look you would like to create.


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