ESQIDO False Lashes

Dove's Wing Lash Kit

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Featuring a smooth matte white finish and heavenly rose gold accents, this luxurious limited edition gift set is the perfect treat for yourself, or a loved one. Inside, you'll find three of our best selling lash styles and a bottle of our latex-free eyelash glue. Ranging from light to medium volume, this lash kit is everything you need for natural looking yet beautiful, luscious lashes.

This Lash Kit Contains
  • Unforgettable
  • Oh So Sweet
  • Lashlorette
  • Lash Glue



Natural and elegant. This pair of mink lashes features a gradient of increasing length and thickness across the lash band, resulting in a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect.

  • Volume:
  • Length: 5 - 10mm
  • Band: Handcrafted cotton band
  • Wear Period: Multi-use

Oh So Sweet


The long flowing locks are evenly criss-crossed along the entire band, with the longest strands concentrated in the middle. With this unique overlapping effect, these mink lashes accentuate your eyes for a natural flutter effect. Cute, sexy, flirty, who says you can't have them all?

  • Volume:
  • Length: 6 - 12mm
  • Band: Handcrafted cotton band
  • Wear Period: Multi-use



With its unique combination of criss-cross and straight strands, these gorgeous mink lashes offer a balanced yet ultra-sexy look. This irresistible pair is a definite must-have in every girl's collection.

  • Volume:
  • Length: 9 - 12mm
  • Band: Handcrafted cotton band
  • Wear Period: Multi-use

Companion Eyelash Glue


Introducing ESQIDO "Companion"; our invisible eyelash glue with strong all day hold. Specially formulated for mink lashes and latex-free, it's a gentle mixture that extends the life of your lashes. With a fine tip wand, you'll be able to apply the right amount of glue to your false lashes, every time. Suitable for any type of false eyelashes.


Twist the rose gold cap to open bottle, and gently pull out the application wand. Brush the tip of the wand evenly along the band of your false lashes and make sure the entire length of the band is covered in a thin and even layer of glue. Wait a few seconds for the latex free eyelash adhesive to become tacky, then stick the lashes onto the base of your natural lash line to apply false lashes.

See full apply and care instructions
  • Color: Dries clear
  • Application: Precision bristle tip
  • Ingredients: Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate copolymer, Water
    (Formaldehyde Free and Latex Free)
  • Volume: 5.5 ml / 0.18 fl oz
  • Expiration: 1 year from opening
  • Storage: Do not freeze. Store in room temperature.