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Which False Lashes Do Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Artists Choose?

By Nicole Soo
Professional Makeup Artist

Which False Lashes Do Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Artists Choose?

The MET Gala, NYFW, The Oscars, Victoria Secret Runway Show… The list goes on when it comes to social events of A-list celebrities. As these events roll around every year, celebrities call their favourite makeup artists to get them red carpet ready. It’s not surprising that celebrity makeup looks will always be a trending topic in the beauty world — we’re always looking for the latest tips and tricks. But nowadays, we have so many options, we look up to the pros for recommendations.

If you scan past celebrity looks on the red carpet or models on the runway, you’ll often find that lashes are used so often in many of these beauty looks. As these people are photographed so often, a good pair of lashes can really make up their look. We took a look at some of our favourite past looks.

Shay Mitchell wearing Lashlorette

Shay Mitchell slaying in lash style "Lashlorette".

Shay Mitchell

You might’ve seen Shay in many shows, such as Pretty Little Liars. She’s also recently started a YouTube channel where she does a variety of videos. Shay is a huge fan of makeup, so it’s no surprise you’ll see Patrick Ta and Ariel Tejada in some of her videos. Shay is no stranger to ESQIDO false lashes, as you can see her sporting them in many of her red carpet looks.

Her go to MUA, Patrick Ta loves using “Lashlorette” in many of her looks. No surprise there, “Lashlorette” is one of our most versatile pairs. Because of their whispy, criss-cross design, it makes for a very natural look, perfect to enhance any look. Occasionally, you can see her wearing “BFF” as well, a rounder, fluffier pair to widen up her eyes. As she has a gorgeous pair of almond shaped eyes, Patrick opts for rounder pairs of lashes for Shay.

Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid rocking "Little Black Lash".

Gigi Hadid

A celebrity/model that needs no introduction is Gigi Hadid. For years, Gigi has graced many ad campaigns and walked dozens of runways. She is also the style icon of many! Gigi is known to let her natural beauty shine through with more natural makeup looks. Although far from the girl next door, we think she embraces the look exceptionally well.

Another frequent client of Patrick Ta, we often admire Gigi's gorgeous, glowing skin and cat-like eyes. When we spoke to Patrick about his love for lashes, he exclaimed: "I love false lashes! Especially the fluffy, natural ones… even when I’m going to do a natural look on a client, I feel like the look isn’t complete until there’s lashes on.” It’s no wonder that his choice of ESQIDO lash for Gigi are the “Little Black Lash” . A natural, black lash can enhance and outline lighter eyes. The perfect technique for clients who get photographed as often as Gigi!

Rihanna wearing Esqido Lashmopolitan

Rihanna going full glam with the "Lashmopolitan" lashes.


It’s pretty safe to say that Rihanna is one of the biggest style icons of this generation. She’s never been afraid to step out of the ordinary and into extraordinary! If we take a look at past looks, we’ve seen some incredible hair and makeup looks, proving that “beauty” is not so traditional anymore.

While Rihanna has rocked some pretty bold looks, we have an appreciation for some of her softer glam looks. Makeup artist, Mylah Morales, chose “Lashmopolitan” for a soft smokey eye, to give Rihanna’s eyes a flirtatious touch. Using a flared style will give the appearance of wider set eyes, while adding the effect of a subtle lift. A more dramatic lash also balances a softer eye look, giving the artist more freedom to put emphasis on other features, such as lips!

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