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ESQIDO Volume Issue #2: Exclusive interview with celeb MUA Patrick Ta

ESQIDO Volume Issue #2: Exclusive interview with celeb MUA Patrick Ta

Volume had the chance this month to sit down for a little Q+A with celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta.

He's a bit of a mysterious figure online who keeps his personal life private. And that’s just the way he likes it -- his focus, Patrick says, is on letting his work speak for itself, rather than worrying about a popular persona.

"...a serious who’s who of famous Hollywood faces"

And it definitely does. His Instagram -- which he credits for bringing him to the attention of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Alba -- is a serious who’s who of famous Hollywood faces. His work is the essence of Hollywood glamour: full lips, perfectly contoured cheekbones, and lashes out to here.

But in spite of his glamorous work, Patrick knows a thing or two about real world beauty. He had fantastic advice about the key to success, what beauty means to him, and the one product everyone should have in their makeup kit.

Volume: How did you end up in the beauty industry?

Patrick: I had a roommate who was a MAC artist, and she was always a Glamazon: full makeup going to the gym, getting groceries… everywhere. Because of her, I started working as a MAC artist in Arizona and then moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago.

After moving to LA I started reaching out to clients with big followings on Instagram. I didn’t have professional training -- just watched them do makeup at mac and went on Instagram. That’s where people like Jessica Alba started noticing me. I owe my success to Instagram!

Volume: Everything must have happened so quickly! What was your “a-ha” moment? When did you know that you’ve made it?

Patrick: To be honest I’ve had many of those moments during this career, but I’m always in search for the next “high.” It’s what keeps me motivated!

A lot of my makeup artist friends will agree that, yes, we’re always happy when we get big clients but then we want to go get the NEXT big thing. It keeps me going and striving for bigger and better things. So those moments happen a lot but then I search for something even bigger.

Volume: Working with celebrity clients must leave you nervous sometimes. How do you deal with that, and the need to bring your A-game 24/7?

Patrick: Success depends on being prepared, so I research. I Google the makeup looks new clients have done in the past to see their favorite trends, what looks good, and what they like. If I am confident in my skills, they will be too, so my goal is to make them comfortable and build their trust. Eventually, once clients believe in you they’ll let you do what you want.

"Success depends on being prepared, so I research."

Volume: What’s the most common beauty mistake you see in people’s work?

Patrick: I don’t believe there are any makeup mistakes! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are all different and should respect each other’s decisions in terms of beauty. It’s not a mistake if it makes you feel good.

Volume: Is there one step you think no one should ever skip in their beauty routine, no matter what?

Patrick: I love combing the eyebrows in a upward direction -- I can't do a client without doing this!

Volume: If you had to pick just one product to recommend everyone keep in their makeup bag, what would it be?

Patrick: I love Chanel’s creamy correction concealer Correcteur Perfection. Works every time!

Volume: Who in your life taught you the most about makeup or beauty?

Patrick: My peers around me. It's great to have friends in the industry that you can have "girl talk" with -- people that love talking about makeup just as much as you do. We inspire each other.

Volume: What one piece of advice do you wish you could share with your teenage self?

Patrick: Be confident in whatever you do!

Volume: Let’s talk lashes (our favorite).

Patrick: I love false lashes! Especially the fluffy, natural ones -- and your Little Black Lash are the most natural! Even when I’m going to do a natural look on a client, I feel like the look isn’t complete until there’s lashes on.

Volume: What are your next goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Patrick: Right now I am doing a lot of glam makeup -- it’s my signature look -- but I want to move away from that. I want to do natural looks, even looks that have flaws, the “undone” look.

I’ve even started a new Instagram account that’s all about natural looking beauty. I know these looks might not do that well on Instagram because [social media] is all about glam. But it’s no longer my focus to gain a huge following. I want to break my old habits and set myself apart. Not everyone loves or wants a glam look -- and that’s okay too!



Want to see Patrick in action?

Check out this gorgeous, dewy, bronzed look he does for model Shiva Safai. We think it’s just perfect for the end of summer!




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Like Patrick Ta we love a good glamour shot -- beautiful people who are perfectly made-up with every hair in place. But we agree with him that, sometimes, it seems like that’s all there is out there.

So this week, we’re getting real. Share a photo of yourself on Instagram and tag @Esqido-- with makeup or without, hair styled or fresh from the shower, lashes or not, it’s your choice. We just want to see that you’re #feelingbeautiful!


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