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Limited Time Offer: Buy 2 Liners Get 3rd FREE!
Limited Time Offer: Buy 2 Liners Get 3rd FREE!

Eyeliner FAQ

About our Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Is this eyeliner safe for sensitive eyes?

Yes, our liner formula is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes. It's a gentle formula that is 5-free, formaldehyde free, and paraben free.

What is the best way to remove the eyeliner?

Use some makeup remover on a cotton pad and hold it against the eye for a few seconds. Gently wipe downwards and repeat until the liner has been fully removed. If you are not wearing lash extensions, an oil based makeup remover will remove it easier.

How long does the Esqido Gel Eyeliner last?

The Esqido Gel Eyeliner lasts up to 1 year after opening.

How do I apply the eyeliner?

To apply the eyeliner, first clean your eyelids with eye makeup remover or your facial cleansers, to ensure you're applying on a clean surface. Then, take the Esqido Gel Eyeliner and draw a thin line across your lash line, to achieve your desired look.

Can I use it to create a smokey liner effect?

Absolutely! Right after applying the liner, take a small pencil brush or a q-tip and smudge the top of the liner to create a haze effect. You must do this before the liner sets and dries completely.

How do I get the eyeliner to stay on my waterline?

Please make sure to dry the surface of any tears or water before applying the liner. A waterproof product is formulated to repel water, which is why the liner does not stick to a wet surface.

How do I use the built-in sharpener?

The built in sharpener is located at the base of the pencil, just below the twist mechanism. Give it a firm tug to pull it out. Take care when sharpening the product, as too much force can crumble the soft gel. We recommend dispensing just enough product to sharpen, rotating only one side of the component slowly and gently. Clean the sharpener before replacing the cap, to avoid product jamming in the sharpener.

I've made my eyeliner too thick! How do I fix this?

The liner needs a few minutes to set completely, so you can easily correct or sharpen lines with a q-tip.

Can you use this eyeliner with false lashes or lash extensions?

Yes! You may use the liner with falsies or lash extensions. However, be gentle when removing the liner. Our recommendation is to use a q-tip dipped in an oil-free makeup remover and running it along the liner until it comes off.